Daugava- Long ago people have lived on the banks of the river Daugava, there are witnesses left such as castle mounds, places of old settlements, ancient burial sites. Along the bank of Daugava between Kegums and Aizkraukle there are Park of Lindes manor house, Slaidēnu castle mound, Alstiķes manor house, Aizkraukles castle mound. Daugava itself has been famous traffic road, which connected countries of Western Europe with Russia. It is part of history that explains ancient scenery of Daugava valley. The Skrīveru section of Daugava valley between Aizkraukle and Jaunjelgava is the only natural strech left of Daugava valley which has little changed during construction of HES and in borders of which have remained all terraces formed by the river. The relative altitude of the riverside of Daugava valley is between 30 and 50 meters, it is divided by small tributaries and dells.

Alstiķes manor house – 1.1 km from guesthouse, was established by widow of Hercogs Jekabs during restoration of Jaunjelgava after wars in 17th century. In the middle of 18th century the owner of the Alstiķes manor house was Landlord Dubaril who was Frenchman by origin, but from 1875 the manor house was owned by Barons Nolkens.

Slaidēnu castle mound – 7.9 km from guesthouse.
Dated by 1st thousand B.C.

Jaunjelgava –
Example of town structuring in 17th century.


    World Motocross Champoinship 2019

June 15 - 16, 2019  Kegums, Latvia



 Monster Energy FIM Motocross

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September 27.-28.2014

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